The Ultimate Scott’s Martini

Scott’s was a favourite of Ian Fleming, and funnily enough, a favourite of James Bond. 007 pays a visit in the novel Diamonds are Forever, and it was also the location for an ill-thought-out scheme of Fleming’s, when he tried to prise intelligence out of two captured German officers over lunch, during World War Two - lunch was cut short when the restaurant filled with officers from Special Branch.

We can’t talk about Fleming and Bond though, without mentioning the Martini, and rumour has it that Scott’s was the place where Fleming learned he preferred his shaken, not stirred.

In honour of both Bond and his creator, we have created The Ultimate Scott’s Martini, which will be available from Monday 9th March.

It’s a blend of Dà Mhìle Seaweed Gin, Cinzano Bianchi, rosemary bitters and olive brine, shaken (naturally) over ice, and garnished with an orange twist.

Created by Bars Director Xavier Landais, The Ultimate Scott’s Martini was created to pair with seafood, with olive brine added to bring out the saltiness of the seaweed and the combination of ingredients making for an umami-laced finish.

We think Bond would have approved.